V. Alejandro Correa Rueda, with 31 years of experience in the field of appraisals in different specialties.  Posses register in the Professional Association of Appraisers of Chile AG, in the Union Association of Judicial Experts from Chile and in Military School Alumni Corporation, Chile. And Appraiser Register of CONADI since 2007.Successfully perform in public and private sectors since the mid-90s, has a large empirical background base . Has followed various postgraduate courses in the area of valuations, allowing him to deliver detailed -quality assured- reports, which is proven by a wide range of national and foreign customers. Also he developed as Judicial expert in the appeal court in your country he has served among the areas of valuations.

In Correa Tasaciones his collaborators have a great experience in evaluation of property real state and movable property, as: real estate urban, agricultural, Military equipment, heavy armament of warfare, land exploration with Drones, Ecological studies, Mining easement Appraisals, mining servitude Appraisals, industrial and forest evaluation and reporting for machines of high technological complexity: military boats, large ships,  heavy machinery, mining, large structures (bridges, rails, towers, wharves, oil wells) and  Fixed Assets in states and privates companies IFRS.

In the other hand, the courts of Chile it have designated in different areas of expertise:

  • Judicial Expert  Valuer
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser in Mining Servitude.
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser in Real Estate, Urban, Agricultural, Forestry, Water.
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser  in Forest
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser  in Forest Ecosystems
  • Judicial Expert  Biology
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser in Companies and Fixed Asset
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser in Agronomics
  • Judicial Expert  Appraiser in Fixed Asset.
  • Judicial Expert  Unclassified items with mention in Paleontology

Specialization Diplomas

  • Advanced training course of Appraisals on Urban Real Estate, Postgraduate College, Faculty of Architecture, Universidad de Chile.
  • BSc in Biological Sciences, University of Chile, Chile and MSc Zoology and Evolutionary Biologist, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, España.
  • Paleontology. Faculty of Science. University of Alberta, Canada.
  • Postgraduate in  Urban Economy, Institute of Economy, College of  Economic and Administrative Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Complete grant.  
  • Urban and agricultural expropriations course. Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Chile- Colegio de Arquitectos, Chile. 
  • Forest Appraisals Course, Faculty of Forest Sciences, University of Chile. Talca.
  • Chartered Biologist, Royal Society of Biology, United Kingdom. Researchgate.
  • Criminologists Association of Chile: "Economic crime: a practical and academic vision." Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Santiago, Chile.
  • Valuations of agricultural Farms and his cultivation. Cádiz, Spain.

Associated collaborators

Manfredo Guerra Blumer. Mechanical Engineering. U. Técnica del Estado, Chile.

José Carrasco Silva. Military Polytechnic Engineer,Chile.

Eduardo Santelices Jofré. Civil Constructor. Universidad Técnica del Estado, Chile.

Hernán Errázuriz Davis. Insurance Risk Analyst. Chile.

Ítalo Gorziglia Astorga. Senior Civil structural designer. Chile