Expert appraisal services with experience in different specialties and consultant in threatened urban and forest ecosystem with experience from 1994 in private and public sector. Based in Santiago and Valparaíso, provides advice throughout Chile and foreign.

Alejandro Correa is a Expert Appraisal, with a Biologist degree (CBiol MRSB, UK), with postgraduate degree in Urban Economics,  is holding out as  expert in  valuations of movable tangible assets and real estate property in various categories. Is a Judicial Expert (Official Journal of the Republic of Chile, 3 February 1997, Nº 35.682 to date) and registered in the Ministry of Hacienda as a provider of the Chilean Government according to resolution of 2007, advised private companies and public, preparing reports of high complexity. Also is expert in Real estate and machinery assessments. Consultant in Ecology and Environment and registered in the national register of consultants of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism in environmental and ecological studies in Valparaíso. He was a doctoral researcher at the Museum of Zoology in Barcelona, Spain. Obtaining scholarship for Doctorate in Biology, Fellowships Sir Gareth Roberts (West Glamorgan County Council, Wales, UK). On the other hand he was a candidate at Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular Biology and Evolution at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Registered in the Appraisers Association of Chile N° 845047, Valparaíso, Chile.  



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