Urban real estate valuation

Buildings, residential homes, offices, condominiums, supermarkets, Large shacks and industries, service stations, among other real estate. Planimetric-surveys.Real Estate Business. Urban economics studies.

Valuation of property, heavy machinery and high technology

Mining machinery, industrial lathes, docks, boats, trains, rails, cars, agricultural machinery, woodworking machines, injection machines and industrial machines in general.

Valuation agricultural and forest

Agro-industrial farms, packing of fruits and storage tanks and wine booths, soil classification as classical nomenclature, forests and other areas. Stock farms: livestock, flock, cattle, horses, pigs. Planimetric-surveys.

Environmental impact assessments

Furthermore was selected as Biologist Expert (Official Journal of the Republic of Chile issued on 11 January 2008, page 17) in  ecological studies and environmental impact, has been professionally distinguished in the field of science with Chartered Biologist in the Royal Society of Biology of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Is head of SIB (Biological Research Service): ecological studies of wildlife in Urban Parks. Environmental impact assessments and evaluation of species and environmental threatened by men Researchgate.

Another type of expert report

Expropriations, Mining servitude Appraisals, water assessments, economic assessments, dry good assessments, among others.